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Celebrating 70th Wedding Anniversary in Style

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My aunt and uncle will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary in style. Many people don’t make it to 70, let along be married for seven decades.
But my uncle, my mother’s brother, will celebrate 25,567 days of married life with my aunt in 2016. He is 96 this year. She must be in her early 90s.

They got married right after World War II in 1946. My uncle served in the U.S. Army during the war along with my father.
When they returned home, they got on with their lives. My father married my mother. My uncle met and married my aunt.

How do you celebrate 70 years of marriage? First, you need to know that the 70th wedding anniversary is platinum although I found one site that said iron is the modern gift for 70 years of marriage. Smoky Quartz is the gemstone and a bouquet of flowers is also traditional,

The classical platinum gifts can be a platinum necklace or chair or anything made with platinum. The modern take is iron — rather unusual if you ask me — and possible gifts are more practical: cast iron cookware, iron mirror or iron wall art.
I think my uncle should go with platinum, and it doesn’t hurt to have a few diamonds included in the piece of jewelry.
But I am thinking we should plan a big celebration.
First, we should contact all the morning TV news shows if they want to feature them on air. I think 70th wedding anniversaries are much more rare than 100th birthdays. What do you think? Also, we can spread the word worldwide through social media. I expect they will be getting well wishers by the 1,000s.
But closer to home I expect their children and grandchildren will be coming down for a celebrating. Perhaps, we will have a big party at a local restaurant and invite all their friends and family to attend. We can hire a sedan service to pick them up in style just like when they were dating.
For the 70th, we should make it a weekend event. Dinner with the family Friday night. Party for everyone Saturday night. Brunch on Sunday. We will use all the social media platforms at our disposal. We can use periscope to live stream the party. We can post photos on Facebook and Instagram. And we can tweet all night long using the hastag, #70yearstogether.
As a 70th wedding gift, we are forgoing the platinum tradition and instead sending them on a cruise to Cuba, which is where they honeymooned 70 years ago. That was pre-Castro during the golden days of Havana. My parents also went to Cuba for their honeymoon. If my parents had lived, they would be celebrating more than 60 years of marriage.
This might sound like a lot. And lifetime celebrations are not inexpensive. But if you can’t celebrate life’s wonderful moments with your friends and family, if you can’t reaffirm your 70-year love affair, what is the purpose of life. There is so much darkness in the world today you need to celebrate life when you can.
Way to go, my uncle and aunt. See you in another 70 years as the drive away in a limo they rented for the day.

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