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Bathroom remodeling projects to consider

a9nu_keldm8-gabriel-garcia-marengoBuying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases you can make outside of buying a business, plane or boat.

As one of my business networking colleagues says, “You can’t return a home.”

So now that you have bought your new home, assuming that you didn’t build it from scratch, eventually you will need to plan home remodeling projects, such as updated bathrooms.

Whenever you decide on a home remodeling project, you should always keep in mind the value of your home. Unless cost is no object or you plan to live in the home for decades, adding a $40,000 bathroom remodeling makeover may not be the best financial decision you make.

Remember the old adage, “You don’t want to have the most expensive house on the block.”
But now that you have bought the house you should take out the your home inspection report along with your personal needs and prioritize your needs.

Do you need a new roof, new windows, updated kitchen, master bathroom makeover or a new AC unit. There are also dozens of smaller remodeling jobs you can do, such as painting the house and adding new carpeting or flooring.

Here are some of the best home projects to add value to your home:

  • Landscaping the front yard
  • Energy-efficient ac and heating system
  • Lighting
  • Attic insulation
  • New pipes
  • Remodeling the bathroom
  • Updating the kitchen

For those people who live in the kitchen, a new kitchen with all the accessories to make Julia Child proud is a must. But for me, I enjoy a good warm bath.

But bathroom remodeling projects can be very expensive. According to one website, bathroom remodeling projects can cost as much as $20,000. Most run between $5,616 to $12,880.

Since an extreme bathroom makeover is too expensive for me, I checked out remodeling ideas to consider. Some of these are no brainers, and can be done simply and inexpensively. Even when you have to hire a professional, these projects come in under a couple thousands of dollars.Here are some bathroom remodeling alternatives:

  • Repurpose an old nightstand
  • Add shelves
  • Use ceramic tiles for your floor
  • Refinish your bathtub and sink
  • Replace old faucets with new ones

I  like soaking in a bathtub and reading my murder mysteries. I like my bathtub to look good, and old tubs and sinks wear their age in plain sight. Nothing is more depressing than a dirty and grungy-looking bathroom.

That is why I chose to refinish my bathtub as my alternative bathroom remodeling project. The cost is going to be under $2,000, if not cheaper. The inconvenience and time involved compared to an extreme makeover is inconsequential.

After reading up on bathroom refinishing projects, I decided to hire a bathroom refinishing company. They can get the sink and tub looking like new in just a few days and it will cost a fraction of what a complete makeover would cost.

So, before you dive into a major bathroom makeover, check out bathroom remodeling alternatives. You may find you can get the same results — increased home value and personal contentment — and still have money to eat out.

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