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Alternative Trends for Bathroom Remodeling

Some rights reserved by www.metaphoricalplatypus.comDreaming of the perfect bathroom?

Taking the long, luxurious bath or a 20 minute hot shower on a winter’s day.

Bathroom remodeling alternatives are one of the most popular renovation projects a homeowner can undertake. Yes, an updated kitchen is nice, but, if you are like me, you won’t use it.

Everyone, however, can enjoy an updated bathroom. Double vanities for couples.  The latest toilets. A large bathroom big enough for two.

Let’s take a look at 2015 bathroom ideas from Forbes:

  1. Feature floors which stand out. “They are stunning and provide a great design opportunity when working with challenging bathrooms that have no clear walls for a feature wall,” according to  interior designer Jasmine McClelland in the Forbes article
  2. Natural beauty: Forbes says “drawing design inspiration from nature is a great way to warm a typically very hard room of the house and infuse the space with a calming vibe.”
  3. Freestanding bathtubs: “Clients connect with the possibility of a bathroom that symbolizes their own space or downtime, and a freestanding bath inspires this feeling of self-indulgence in the midst of a busy life,” according to McClelland.
  4. Clever water control: Forbes sees homeowners turning their backs on “basic shower and basin faucets” and buying “smart, user-friendly fixtures (such as thermostatic mixers; mixers that control multiple water sources, like the one used in this shower; and touchscreen-operated showers) that give users more control over the flow, mix and temperature of water.”
  5. Bigger shower: According to designers Simona Castagna and Darren Genner of Minosa, going big is “certainly the current school of thought when it comes to the shower, and they believe the trend will become even more popular in 2015. They’re seeing more walk-in showers with oversize panes of glass or solid walls that completely enclose the space, rather than bathrooms with tiny cubicles.”

You can, of course, hire an interior designer and plumbing contractor to renovate your extreme bathroom makeover, but that’s going to costs thousands of dollars. For the handy homeowner, you could try to do it yourself.

Daltile offers its own 2015 bathroom remodeling trends with an emphasis, of course, on tiles:

  1. Designing with grout: For most of us, grout is white and comes out of a tube and that’s that. “Contrasting grout should be a deliberate design decision. On the other hand, matching grout can take a bunch of smaller tiles and make them feel more cohesive. Use matching grout if you want to hide seams or if you are going for the continuous look.”
  2. Lighting design: “A well lit room will never go out of style. Light can add to a design just as much as a color scheme can. Use bright lights for a clean, sleek feel, and soft lights for a more relaxing spa feel.”
  3. Geometric design: “Classic tile comes in square 12 x 12s or rectangular 3 x 6s. But you can get the geometric feel in your bathroom with larger format square or rectangular tiles. Use traditional tiles in a different format for a fresh look. Or you can embrace newer tile shapes like triangular, hexagon, or trapezoidal.”
  4. A living wall: “Invite nature into your bathroom with an accent wall decorated in plant life. Living walls are a trend that’s on the way up. These vertical gardens further increase the sentiment of health and well-being in the bathroom.”

Both Forbes and Daltile mention big showers and freestanding bathtubs.

Let’s say you are gung-ho to remodel your bathroom. You want the feature floor, You need the living wall. You know just the lighting fixtures you need. Go ahead. Do it. You deserve it.

But what about that freestanding bathtub and big walk-in shower?

If you don’t have them, just add these items to your budget. Your plumbing contractor and designer will be able to guide you to the best options.

If, however, you already have a big old crawfish bathtub or you inherited that big walk-in shower from the previous owner, but they both have seen better days, what should you do?

The first thing you need to know about old-style freestanding bathtubs is that they are heavy. Very heavy.

“It’s almost certain that neither a hired contractor nor you and your buddies will be able to haul an intact tub from a second-floor bathroom and hoist it into a truck. Even if the tub is on the first floor, maneuvering a tub through doorways could be a nightmare,” according to an article at at a Cleveland website.

If you want to get rid of that old bathtub, you have to demolish it piece by piece, and then your new tub  may need new fixtures, plumbing and tiles. It becomes a big mess and expensive since new tubs can run from as inexpensive as $200 to the thousands of dollars. The cost can go as high as about $3,000,  according to the site.

But there is an alternative.

You could try to refinish the old bathtub and reglaze it yourself, but Angie’s List recommends hiring a professional refinishing company. They will do a better job than most hand homeowners.

Refinishing professionals, according to, frown on the DIY kits because they usually use an epoxy product that is not durable compared to the reglazing techniques of professional companies. If you are not careful, you could create more trouble than you need.

Check out the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List or Yelp for a bathroom refinishing company.

You now have some great ideas for remodeling your bathrooms in 2015. Now, go take the long, hot bath in your tiny tub. That will motivate you to get going on the remodeling plans.


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